Back to School

  Sorry I’ve been a little absent lately, I know it is important to be present; however I have a lot of things up my sleeve that I know y’all will love! For those of you who are curious, school is going surprisingly well.

I’m taking a beginners acting class and to say the least, that class saves me. There’s only maybe 15 of us in the class and we’re in this small auditorium, it’s perfect. I’ve only spent a short amount of time with these people and I already love them all so much, we’re all so different and I absolutely love it. I’m starting to break out of my shell, or what little shell I had left at least. We start class with warm ups and fun ice breakers and It is so liberating. I’m used to being super outgoing and I’ve realized that I’m only outgoing when I’m around people who I’m comfortable with.

      I’m also finding that I’m enjoying school a lot more because of this acting class, I’m also performing better in my classes. I recently read something on Facebook that said, ” The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling.” Wow, that really spoke to me. I’ve blogged about my passion for acting before but I still believe that is my calling. I’m not famous by any means, or have an awesome speaking role, but I have been featured, that’s more than most people can say. The only thing that sucks about being featured is that you’re not on set for too long but it’s super personal and there’s barely any one else in the scene with you. The minute I step on set I become my character and leave myself at the door. Acting is the only job where who you are or what you’re going through has to be left at the door. The #1 rule to acting is to be clear, and to be clear your mind has to be clear also.

I’m really looking to take this passion to the next level, I’m just waiting for the right time and the right opportunity. I’m ready to follow my passion.


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