A Day at the Derby


It’s hard to believe that my Bridal Shower was four months ago, but it’s even harder to believe that our Wedding is less than two months away…WOW!


I wasn’t very picky when it came to my Bridal Shower, Finger sandwiches were a must, Verdi was also a must and a unique theme was also something very important. The last thing I wanted was another cliché’ Bridal shower, and then I saw something on Pinterest that said, “Talk Derby To Me,” and well…I was sold.


Kentucky Derby it was! Big hats, mint juleps and finger sandwiches all day! It was a great day and having everyone else just as excited about your wedding as you are makes all the difference in the world.


While not too many people have caught on to the Derby themed shower just yet, take the idea and make it yours while you can!


So here is my additional thank you to everyone who was involved and helped make this day so special. I love you all.

63 Days To Go!



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