Stock the Camper Shower!


Creig and I are very blessed to say the least, and I for sure am very fortunate to have such an amazing second family! My boss and his wife decided to throw Creig and I a couples shower; but not just any couples shower, a stock the camper couples shower!


Cerig recently bought himself and I and Josie of course a pop up camper! However when you purchase a camper it doesn’t come equip with camping supplies…who knew? So that was the perfect opportunity to throw us a great shower. We had such a good time, yet again. They had an awesome set up that included a smokes bar, a watering hole, amazing food and the cake…oh my gosh the cake was amazing and so detailed!


Everyone had a great time dancing, we also had an amazing DJ! All in all it was a great night but that tends to happen when there’s mixed drinks, good food and dancing involved. It was just what we needed and we had the best time! Thanks again!



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