Wedding Countdown

On November 6th my fiancé and I had our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner in New Orleans, this was the first time it felt surreal. I’ve known for a very long time that we were getting married but it wasn’t until we had our entire wedding party together with our family at the St. Louis Cathedral that it really hit me. I had dreamt about this feeling for years it felt like, and it was FINALLY here. I had to repeat it to my self a million times before it actually felt true, it’s crazy to me. I’d been dating Creig since I was a sophomore in high school and now were about to get married, someone pinch me.

Father – In  – Law to be!

I’m probably going to end up doing an entirely separate post on my wedding emotions because I wish someone had warned me about these wedding emotions, but somewhere in the midst of our two-year engagement and the loss of family members and changes to our bridal party and anything else that happened, it was when I was standing in the back of the church that I relinquished control, because it was here and it was really happening. I had a sigh of relief for a brief moment. I knew that no mater what had happened or what could happen the next day that there wasn’t much I could do, and it was at that moment that I knew everything was going to be okay.

Bride’s Step Father, Mother and Brother with Groom!

I decided to walk with my maid of honor and a couple of the other bridesmaids from canal street to the cathedral in heels, it wasn’t too bad of a walk but we had a fall and lots of blister to show for it. After we left the church we fought a ride with one of the groomsmen who had parked close and before we made it to the car we had to stop in a random drug store so I could find a better pair of shoes, and of course everything was god awful but I rocked those gaudy flip-flops.

Bride with Mother -In – Law and Aunt.

We had our rehearsal dinner at the Palace Cafe on canal street in New Orleans, we had roughly 65 people celebrating with us. We had amazing gumbo for everyone’s appetizers followed by my favorite the crusted fish and then on to the bread pudding. Everything was so delicious. All in all it was a great night and it was all thanks to my now In-Laws who made this night possible, we love y’all and can’t thank y’all enough.   I’m working on the wedding day post now and then on to the Honeymoon adventures! Enjoy. I’ve also posted a link of the side-show that was played at the dinner incase anyone (like me) needs help deciding on what music to choose, that was so difficult gosh!



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