Down The Aisle…

Previously on Macchiatos and Monograms: Wedding Edition….

I stood behind those what felt like sky high wooden doors and listened to the music playing…(I’m getting butterflies just typing this btw) and anxiously awaited those doors opening. That was the moment I had been waiting for, for seven years….

I remember my dad coming around the corner saying the bridal party was all down and the kids were about to walk, I remember my stomach dropping it was the best feeling ever, something comparable to a drop on a roller coaster. I was just so excited to see Creig since I hadn’t seen him al day which i’m so not used to.  Before I could even blink they had opened those sky-high doors, and there he was. There he was…my GROOM! My groom, engulfed in tears. That was easily one of the best moments of my life and I could relive it over and over again. There’s been jokes circulating on the internet that say something along the lines of If the groom doesn’t cry when I walk down the aisle i’m turning around and doing it over. I always thought it was funny but I never really cared much about it…or at least until I saw him standing there with tears running down his face, I was totally at ease and my heart was filled to the top.

I couldn’t wait to get to him, I was walking so fast down the aisle I nearly tripped over my dress with every step I took. Magic I tell you, it was a magical moment that went by so fast yet at the same time it felt like time had stood still. I can’t wait to see the pictures from the wedding because I swear I’m getting the shot of Creig’s reaction developed in the largest scale that I can. I’m obsessed with that moment. I’m also slightly disappointed that no one told me how awesome that moment was going to be, like shit y’all.

Catholic mass had never gone by so fast, when it came time for the I Do’s Creig obviously said it first and I didn’t realize the priest was asking me to say I Do after every statement he made, I thought I was supposed to wait until the end to say it, Creig squeezed my hand so tight, I was like shit sorry I forgot what the hell I’m doing, and then I said, I Do, shortly after the priest said Lauren and not my name…awkward… considering Lauren happened to be the name of my best friend and Maid of Honor, he said oops wrong wedding and I just started laughing. The same thing had happened to Creig’s parents when they got married, what can you do though.

Now introducing Mr. and Mrs. Creighton Everett!




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