Back To School

Hey college kids, it’s back to school…yay. I mean that in the best way positive. I learned the hard way, don’t do that to yourself. Just take college seriously and you’ll be out in no time, I’ve been in more academic debacles than you can shake a stick at, it’s not fun! Just show up and pay attention and study and everything will be OKAY! Trust me it took me 3 1/2 years to learn that and yes i’m still in school.

Which is totally fine because I still don’t know what I want to do and while it must feel great to have that awesome pretty piece of paper and you might feel super awesome about it, I’m still probably one step ahead then most college graduates. I’ll spare you my resume but I haven’t been flipping burgers this whole time, no offense to those of you who are, do what you gotta do but you don’t get that experience you need for a marketing job flipping burgers. i’ve tried a lot of different things while I’ve been in school while ultimately working for an advertising agency since I was a freshman part time, I’ve also work in a restaurant, day care, on television shows and movies and I’ve been involved in the community. While landing a great job in college can be very difficult here are a few things I’ve learned while I’ve been in school.

  1. For the love of God do not get a credit card, I don’t care how responsible you think you are, you’re not. You can thank me later when your debt free.
  2. Organization is key!
  3. So is Coffee.
  4. A cute bag doesn’t hurt either! Hey!
  5. Did I mention coffee? It helps a lot.
  6. Stay away from booze! Hangovers do no good when you have an 8am class.
  7. Sit in the front of the class room! You’ll be too tempted to get up and leave if you sit in the back, I promise.
  8. Bug the hell out of your professors, let them know that getting that gold plated piece of paper in the end is all you really care about.
  9. Don’t fail any courses, PLEASE, academic probation leads to suspension and then you won’t get financial aid. I fail one class my freshman year and it screwed up everything, but NO ONE TOLD ME!
  10. Take electives that entice you.
  11. Ask for extra credit even if you have an A in the course, you may need those extra points later, the worse thing they can tell you is they don’t offs extra credit. I’ve never had a professor tell me no when it came to asking for extra credit.
  12. Meet with your advisor at least twice a semester.
  13. Set your professors as VIP in your email so that whenever you get an email from them it will notify you similar to the way text messages notify you.
  14. Get a planner and use it!
  15. Last but not least, enjoy it.

College can be really be the best time of your life, and it can be the best time of your life even if you’re not going out getting drunk every night or if you’re not in a sorority or fraternity. Don’t be scared to take risks in college or venture out, you might change your mind about what you want out of college, I’ve changed my mind a few times. Don’t let college get you down, it’s not for everyone but give up!

I once had a consoler in high school laugh at me for wanting to go to a university, her exact words were, you’ll never make it. Well i’m almost done so take that (bitch.) I swear I hear her voice in the back of my mind every time something good happens to me at school, I harbor no resentment towards her, she’s just on my list of people I need to prove wrong.



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