Definition of You.

When did success become a negative attribute? Why do I find myself feeling like I don’t fit in become of the personal success in my life? I just don’t understand it. Don’t get me wrong; I’ve failed many times but the difference between myself and most, is that I didn’t let the moments of failure define me, and I don’t want others to define me for those moments either.

I might seem like I have it all together but please do not let the surface of my life fool you, I’m not the perfect wife, or daughter, I’m not always responsible with my money and sometimes I’m lazy, but I know that. It’s when you don’t think you have a problem or you think everyone else is the problem, that’s when you should start re-evaluating. Life is about making mistakes, Ive always learned by trial and error and that’s only an effective method if you can actually learn something, if you just keep failing and keep making mistakes that’s when you start really defining yourself, when you can pick up your own pieces and start over thats when you will gain the positive recognition. I choose to not put other down, and that includes what I post on Social Media, I will not call someone out for posting something about a private situation or for someone who thinks they are getting a point across by posting something. If there’s a problem it should be addressed privately face to face, call me old fashioned and even though my job is geared towards Social Media, there is a time and a place for everything.

I’ve lied, that doesn’t make me a liar; I’ve been disloyal, that doesn’t mean I’m a disloyal person; I’ve been wrong, but that does NOT mean I’m stupid.

I’m tired of living in a time where every single action is monitored and it all of a sudden defines me. Let me ask you have you ever lied, have you ever been disloyal, have you ever been wrong? Well, let me help you out with that, you have. Everyone has lied, everyone has turned their back on a friend whether you think they know about it or not and I can guarantee you’ve been wrong.

Just remember that whenever you point the finger at someone else, there are three more fingers pointing back at you. Always be a lover and not a fighter, go ahead and get mad that’s natural but holding a grudge is not. Always strive to be the bigger person even if you are not at fault, relationships don’t always hold the same value for both parties.

Unfortunate yes, but that’s the fact of the matter and if there is ANYTHING I have learned in the 19 days of this new year is…

  1. People don’t change
  2. Being a good friend does not come natural
  3. Not everyone values relationships like you do
  4. You have the choice to decide how people define you.

P.S. If someone thinks you’re a this or that it’s because you let them think that. You have control. Always remeber you are the only one who really knows you.


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