Slow Cooker Roast Beef Po-Boy | NOLA Style

      Hey y’all, so for those of you who don’t know what a Po-Boy (poor boy) is it is a glorified sub sandwich. It’s typical meat or seafood on toasted french bread. I’ve had many po-boys in my day I think my favorite is the BBQ Shrimp Po-Boy and the traditional Roast Beef Po-Boy. If you’re from New Orleans you know how good a traditional roast beef pi-boy is and you know that you can only eat one if you have a cold glass bottle of Barq’s Root Beer to accompany it. I’ve FINALLY perfected my homemade roast beef Po-Boy recipe, and you won’t believe how simple it is; and I’m not talking about getting sliced roast beef from the deli and slapping some jar of gravy on a piece of french bread. This is the real deal y’all. Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Pot Roast – Any Size
  2. Au Ju Seasoning Packets, how many you need really depends on the size of the roast. I typically start with two packets and when the roast is done I will add more if needed.
  3. Ranch dressing dry packet, my rule of thumb is get half as many ranch packets as you have au ju.
  4. Fresh French Bread

      Grab your crock pot, throw some butter in there and coat the entire crockpot with butter. Throw in you roast, I find it shreds and cooks better when you cut your roast into medium pieces. Take all of your packets and mix them in a measuring cup with 1/4 cup water until you’ve got a nice paste; coat your roast and let it cook. That’s it! When it comes to cooking your roast, you can set your crockpot on low for  7-8 hours or until it is tender enough and starts to fall apart. You can also set your crockpot on high for 4-5 hours or until it starts to fall apart. I love this recipe because it’s simple and you just let it cook and it will fall apart and then it’s ready, its great and taste just like your traditional roast beef Poor Boy.

P.S. Sometimes I like to mix things up and add potatoes and carrots to the roast beef and serve it over rice with a side of french bread, perfect for a cool night. Happy Cooking!




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