The 6 Year Undergrad

          Most of you probably assume this is about becoming a nurse or a doctor or something of the nature, spoiler alert; it isn’t. As many of you know, I’ve been a student for five years now. There’s time when it really sucks but then there are other times when it’s a blessing in disguise. It’s so great seeing people graduate college, especially if they can do it in the traditional 4 years, which seems to be more uncommon now-a-days. College is tough, real shit, I think it’s even more tough if you jump right into a university. I think I probably would have graduated by now if I would have started my college experience out at a community college. Diving head first into a large institution is very challenging, especially for me, I struggled throughout high school and if you have been keeping up you’ve probably seen my post about confidence, if you haven’t read that now is a good time, if not I’ll catch you up.

         My high school counselor basically told me I would never make it at a University; screw her. Maybe she was right though because I’ve definitely had my fair share of struggles here. I was placed on Academic Probation my first semester here, I wasn’t focused, I was working 50 hours a week and trying to juggle school full-time. I was dropped for one semester after that, came back to school on suspension, got dropped again for one year, came back and stay on suspension, worked my way out of suspension and up to probation and then at the beginning of this semester I received an email letting me know that I was finally removed from probation. This meant I was finally after all these years I was in good academic standing. Moral of the story; I didn’t give up. I cried and cussed a lot but I never backed down. Did I also tell you that since I started college in the fall of 2011 I’ve lost one grandparent, two great grandparents, a friend, got engaged, got married, struggled with depression, went through a divorce with my parents, had the other side of my family move back in town, moved twice and dealt with the financial struggles of being a young adult basically on my own. I guess all of those things have hardened me, I don’t believe in excuses because despite all of those obstacles I still showed up for work, I still drove to class and I still got up every morning despite how shitty I felt. It wasn’t my lack of determination that put me where I am today it was my mind, my mind wasn’t in it the majority of the time.

         Just like everything else, this all too shall pass, and I finally see the light. I have under 30 hours left to obtain my degree and I’m ready to get this over with but at the same time, I’ve spent so much time at this University and with the professors within my degree that I’m actually sad thinking about not coming back, so much that I’ve considered going for my masters degree from here, and my dream job at this point would be to teach here.  Being in school for what feels like so long has helped me discover who I am and what I want out of my life career wise, I’ve been able to take classes that I never would have dreamed of and I’ve been presented with so many opportunities that otheres have not. Since 2011 a few things have remained consistent in my life, Creig, my family, my job, my dog and my university.

        I’m glad I didn’t graduate in 2015 like I should have but I’m also glad I’m not graduating this semester, I’m not ready. Don’t get me wrong I look forward to graduating more than you can probably imagine, but I will graduate when I’m ready. I’m glad I am spending the time working towards what I consider a good degree, a degree is a degree but I would rather spend more time here and get a degree that I know will be useful than to graduate in less time with a degree that is easy and useless (in my opinion.) A degree is a degree and that is definitely something to be proud of, surfing college is an accomplishment in itself. So to everyone graduating, congratulations and to those of you who are like me and are on third base, don’t worry…you’ll make it home soon enough even if you keep striking out.


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