What Should I Do?

Question of the year folks. If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me, “What should I do,” I’d have a couple extra dollars. You see, the answers are simple, it’s the questions that are often difficult. We don’t know when to ask, if we should ask, or ever how to ask; and to be perfectly honest…we usually know the answer before we ask the question.  Here’s the gag…I’m not the best person to go to for advice. When my husband said he wanted a divorce, the only thing I could do was run; run after my dreams. Dreams that I held out on because I vowed my life to someone who had different dreams than I did. That’s okay. It really is.

After spending the entire night on the kitchen floor throwing up, I asked myself,” What will make me happier?” I knew there was no working things out, he was adamant about this divorce…there was no working things out. With that being said, I moved away because my husband wanted a divorce, moving away and starting over felt like the only option. Some times we don’t get options. So If uprooting your life, and moving over one thousand miles away sounds like a good plan to you than by all means ask away, because that’s what I did. The bravest thing I ever did was…run.

Moral of the story: Listen to your gut. You’re not going to find the answer to your problems at the bottom of the bottle…your gut knows the right answer. Learn to trust your intuition. When something seems off; it’s because something is off.


Stay Blessed. Stay Humble. Stay Funny and Ambitious.

XOXO, Jess

P.S.  – Don’t run from your problems. Figure your problems out. Address them, Face them and acknowledge them. Then Run. There’s a difference between running and starting over.


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